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Issue 112

GraphQL Boilerplates
In her talk at React Alicante, Manjula Dube shares her GraphQL boilerplates that offer a starter, premade stack using GraphQL, Apollo server, and React. You can watch the video from the conference on youtube, or see the boilerplates themselves on Github
GraphQL Mutation on Golang
In another instalment by Rem Lampa for his screencast Add All The Bugs, Rem goes over implementing a GraphQL mutation with a Go server. Check out the previous installments if you're curious how to get started with GraphQL and Go.
Deploy a Fullstack Apollo app with Netlify
Sashko Stubailo dives into setting up a "Hello World" API for an Apollo app on Netlify. Netlify allows you to hook into AWS Lambda and the possibilities of serverless, resulting in a final product that easily scales to production workloads. An interesting use case to read through.
Creating a TypeScript API that consumes gRPC and GraphQL via generated types
This article by Noel Veranda demonstrates how to get a fully end-to-end Typed API, written in TypeScript with types generated for the entire application. Noel also shows readers how you can use these types on any front-end clients, the issues encountered during implementation, and how the overall experience has been.
A Guide to GraphQL in Plain English
Have friends who still aren't familiar with GraphQL? 🧐 This guide from freeCodeCamp has an approachable introduction that you can share to help get them started!
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