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Issue 20

Articles & Videos
Leaving technical preview
Happy birthday, GraphQL! One year ago, GraphQL was announced to the public which sparked a great community full of smart people. It has been a wild ride so far which is now acknowledged by progressing the project stage of GraphQL to production ready - something noone would object to anymore. To many more years of declarative data requirements, introspection and powerful tooling!
The GitHub GraphQL API
Can you believe that? Github is the next big tech company that moves their API from REST towards GraphQL and they share their reasons to do so in this blog post. If you want to use it, give the early access API some love.
GraphQL Subscriptions in Apollo Client
Subscriptions are one of the hot topics that will become part of the new GraphQL spec at some point. Read this article to find out how Apollo Client implements subscriptions with websockets and read about the ideas behind their implementation in detail. With more and more resources for GraphQL subscriptions coming up, it will be interesting to see what best practices will evolve surrounding subscriptions. Stay tuned!
Open Source
This is a Ruby GraphQL client maintained by Github. You can use it to declare, compose and execute GraphQL queries and mutations. There is also an ERB extension to define static queries in ERB templates. Check this example to see the client in action.
The new GraphQL website
Along with the announcement of leaving GraphQL technical preview, the GraphQL website received a gorgeous rework featuring a fresh new look. Make sure to explore the learn section featuring interactive queries as well as the community section where a lot of helpful resources are collected. What a fantastic job by everyone involved!
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