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Issue 26

Articles & Videos
Relay Cheatsheet
neth_6 is trying to make Relay more accessible with this great cheetsheet - we think he did an awesome job! Learn more about the server and the client side when using Relay and enjoy the beautiful visualisations. A picture is worth a thousand words after all.
5 benefits of static GraphQL queries
Read @stubailo insights about why static GraphQL queries are superior to dynamic queries generated at runtime. Better editor tooling support or the possibility to use persisted queries are just two of the many benefits static queries bring to the table.
Why we use GraphQL
@adrian_philipp from Enrise talks about the experience he and his team had with GraphQL. One of the advantages of a GraphQL API they saw is that it requires less coordination between API engineers and consumers compared to a REST API which is crucial in projects that involve multiple parties.
Open Source
ExtractGQL is a powerful build tool for GraphQL projects that extracts queries from special query files or your code and generates hashes for each query. This enables query whitelisting and query lookup in your GraphQL stack which can reduce bandwith and prevent malicious queries to cause harm.
2016 GraphQLSummit Key Points
This week's GraphQL Summit, the first ever GraphQL-only conference, was a blast! Expect many related videos and articles to follow in the coming weeks. For now, read the take-aways from @griffith_joel that might help you when you're working with GraphQL the next time. Thanks to all the participants and the organizers and see you in 2017!
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