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Articles & Videos
Interactive GraphQL Tutorial for React Native
GraphQL was designed by Facebook with mobile requirements in mind. On mobile, benefits like fewer roundtrips or faster product iteration cycles are especially valuable. Learn how to get started with GraphQL and React Native in this interactive tutorial by @devinaabbott and @graphcool. Great work!
Integrating Stripe with React, GraphQL, and Apollo Client
Here's a cool tutorial on how to setup in-app payments in React using GraphQL and Stripe with this in-depth tutorial. Using GraphQL subscriptions and a custom microservice setup, a complete Stripe workflow is realized with great user experience. Great article!
Open Source
It's time to chat with people all over the world using GraphQL subscriptions! This is a great realtime chat application that displays the locations of all chat participants on a worldmap. Join the conversation and learn how GraphQL subscriptions work or discuss the latest world news ...
Apollo Angular 0.11
The latest version of Apollo's Angular integration comes with several exciting updates. Amongst other new features it's now possible to use multiple Apollo Client instances in a single application and support for the Apollo Client DevTools has been added. Super cool upgrade!
Useful helpers to simplify and enhance Relay, maintained by @mixcloud. The package comes with different goodies like decorator helpers for mutations, a simple way to reset the Relay store for authentication workflows, and simple server side rendering.
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