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Issue 66

RNG (React, Next.js, GraphQL) can slay the MEAN stack
In this post, Karlo Luis Martinez, presents the tech stack of the future: React, Next.js and GraphQL, short RNG. A nice read on how the future of application development will look like and how this new combination of technologies compares to the MEAN stack.
New Tutorials for How to GraphQL
How to GraphQL is the entry point for developers who want to learn about GraphQL. It features many different tutorials for various programming languages and frameworks. This week, three more tutorials have been added to the site:
Vue & Apollo by Matt Dionis
Ember & Apollo by Devan Beitel
Python & Graphene by Jonatas Baldin
When Reason meets GraphQL
Have you heard of Reason, Facebook's type safe and functional alternative to Javascript which also integrates nicely with the React ecosystem. In this tutorial, Grégoire Vda explains how to get started with Reason & GraphQL.
HackJam - GraphQL with React vs. Angular
Next Monday, the team from Hackages and GraphQL Berlin are partnering up and organize a free workshop about GraphQL (with React or Angular). There a still a few spots available, make sure to RSVP now if you're in the area!
GraphQL NYC Videos
The talks from the first GraphQL NYC Meetup have been published, watch them now on GraphQL Talks! Here's an overview of the goodies that are waiting for you:
Modular GraphQL by Sashko Stubailo (~22 min)
Apollo Client 2.0 by James Baxley (~26 min)
Using GraphQL in a Static Site Generator by Kyle Mathews (~28 min)
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