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Issue 68

Articles & Tutorials
The Emerging GraphQL and Serverless Stack for Building Static Web Sites
The static site generator Gatsby.js is proof that GraphQL is also a great use case for building static websites. This article takes a closer look at the architectural model for this use case, and in particular reflects on how GraphQL can be combined with serverless technologies to make life easy for static website providers.
Creating a GraphQL server with Javascript
Want to get started with building your own GraphQL server in Javascript? Rotimi Babalola wrote a comprehensive tutorial that walks you through the process of implementing a GraphQL backend using MongoDB, Express and the graphql-js reference implementation.
GraphQL for iOS Developers by Nikolas Burk (~50 min)
Want to learn how to use GraphQL on iOS using Swift and the Apollo Client. Check out the talk Nikolas Burk recently gave at SwiftConf. Don't forget to share it with your native mobile developer friends!
Live APIs with GraphQL Subscriptions by Bruce Williams and Ben Wilson (~41 min)
Bruce Williams and Ben Wilson are the authors of the graphql-absinthe library. They gave a talk at ElixirConf, presenting how to build realtime APIs with GraphQL Subscriptions.
Tools & Open Source
What’s coming in Apollo Client 2.0
Apollo Client 2.0 is just around the corner! In this article, James Baxley teases the new features and explains how you can get started with the new Apollo Client version today.
Pierre Ugaz created a GraphQL server for the Docker API, written in Go. The project is still very young but certainly something to keep an eye on in the future!
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