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Tools & Open Source
Introducing GraphQL Playground
GraphiQL is an amazing tool that lets you explore your GraphQL API in an interactive manner. Last week, the Graphcool team took GraphiQL to a new level, building a fully-featured GraphQL IDE on top of it: GraphQL Playground! Some of its top features are:
• Sharing queries and mutations
• Code generation, e.g. for Apollo Client
• Improved API documentation
An indispensable asset in every GraphQL developer's toolbox!
Relay DevTools for Chrome
A new version of the Relay DevTools Chrome Extension has been released, it supports up to Relay v1.4.
The GraphQL Query Batcher, an interesting project by Alec Hale-Pletka, allows you to easily create and batch GraphQL queries and mutations. This is especially great if you're using similar queries with different variables or for other use cases like testing.
Relicensing the GraphQL specification
Big news for the GraphQL community! A month after Dennis Walsh created a huge buzz around the licensing of GraphQL with his post Using GraphQL? Why Facebook Now Owns You!, Facebook now reacted to the critique and relicensed the GraphQL specification under the Open Web Foundation Agreement (OWFa) v1.0.
Announcing Sessions & Diversity Program for GraphQL Summit 2017
GraphQL Summit is just around the corner and the full speaker lineup has now been announced, make sure to grab your ticket! There's also a diversity program that's organized in partnership with GitHub. You can apply using this form. Note that Peggy from the Apollo team offered to review your applications, definitely something you should take advantage of in case you consider applying!
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