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Issue 87

Articles & Tutorials
GraphQL Directive Permissions — Authorization Made Easy
Implementing permission rules in GraphQL servers is a domain where best practices still need to emerge. In this article, Dennis Walsh introduces the idea of implementing permissions via GraphQL directives. An elegant and declarative approach to a common problem in GraphQL server development.
GraphQL server with Sinatra (Ruby)
Ruby developers watch out, this gem is for you (pun intented 😏)! Learn how to build a GraphQL server from scratch using Sinatra with this excellent tutorial by Awin Abi.
GraphQL Persisted Queries using GET Requests
Ever wondered what persisted queries actually are and how they work? This great article by Corey Clark from Ticketmaster has the answer!
Urql - a new GraphQL Client
In this video, Ben Awad gives an instructive walkthrough for urql, a new GraphQL client library by the engineers over at Formidable Labs.
Moving Existing API From REST To GraphQL
Brooks Swinnerton from GitHub gave a great talk at last year's GORUCO conference. Check it out to learn about GitHub's journey moving from REST to GraphQL.
Tools & Open Source
Organizing your .graphql-files in JavaScript can be a pain. Thanks to the graphql-import-loader, they can now easily be loaded into your application with Webpack.
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