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Issue 91

Updated Node.js tutorial on How to GraphQL
The Node tutorial on How to GraphQL recently saw a major update. If you want to learn how to build GraphQL servers entirely from scratch, be sure to check it out!
Render Props in React Apollo 2.1
The new render props API in React Apollo 2.1. is all the hype right now. Learn how to use the new Query and Mutation components in this comprehensive tutorial.
Intro to GraphQL in React Using React Apollo & Apollo Boost is known for the great frontend tutorials on their site! This tutorial is a thorough introduction to using React together with the apollo-boost package.
LoadMore with GraphQL and Apollo
Radoslav Stankov shares some of his experience from the time when he introduced GraphQL at Product Hunt. This article is about how to reduce boilerplate code when needing to load more data with Apollo.
React Round Up with Nikolas Burk (Podcast)
In this episode of the React Round Up podcast, Nikolas Burk discusses the differences between Graphcool and Prisma.
My JavaScript Story with Johannes Schickling (Podcast)
Tune in to this episode of the My JavaScript Story podcast to learn how Johannes Schickling, founder and CEO of Graphcool/Prisma, got into programming and what he did before working with GraphQL (spoiler: building REST APIs with PHP).
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