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Articles & Tutorials
Building a Realtime GraphQL Server with Subscriptions
GraphQL subscriptions are one of the newer features of GraphQL - they only have been added to the official specification about a year ago. They provide a mechanism for clients to subscribe to certain events and receive realtime updates from the server. Check out this tutorial to learn how to implement subscriptions in your own GraphQL server.
Modeling GraphQL Mutations
Designing proper mutations that are flexible and intuitive to use is not an easy task! In this article, Oleg Ilyenko (author of the Scala GrahQL implementation Sangria) shares his perspective on designing developer-friendly mutations. A very informative read!
Tools & Open Source
The next generation of schema stitching
The latest 3.0 release of the graphql-tools library comes with lots of improvements for schema stitching functionality, making it easier than ever to compose multiple GraphQL APIs. Check out this article to learn about the new possilibities.
GraphQL + TypeScript = TypeGraphQL
When developing GraphQL servers with TypeScript, you constantly need to ensure that your TS definitions are in sync with the ones of your GraphQL schema. TypeGraphQL (by Michał Lytek) addresses this issue by having only one source of truth: The GraphQL schema is defined via classes and a bit of decorators help. Additional features like dependency injection, validation or auth guards help with common task that otherwise would require lots of manual work. Definitely a tool to consider if you're using TypeScript for building a GraphQL server.
React State Management In a GraphQL Era (Video)
Kristijan Ristovski, also known as Kitze, shares his perspective on various state management solutions in React apps. A very informative (and entertaining) talk he gave at this year's ReactAmsterdam conference.
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