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Issue 96

Experimental GraphQL - How Can We Stretch GraphQL to Its Limits, and beyond?
In this article, Mike Fix challenges usage of Query and Mutation as core primitives for GraphQL operation and suggests deprecating them in favor of a new type: Action. This is an extremely interesting thought targetting the execution semantics of GraphQL operations and questioning the current conventions in the GraphQL spec.
🇪🇺 Top 5 Talks from GraphQL Europe 2017
GraphQL Europe 2018 is just around the corner — a great time to look back at last year’s conference and pick some highlights. Don't forget to use your special 20% discount code for GraphQL Weekly readers when purchasing your ticket: gql-weekly
Introducing the "Advanced GraphQL" course
Scott Moss created an amazing "Advanced GraphQL" course that's available on Frontend Masters. He covers advanced GraphQL topics such as unions, interfaces, caching, testing and a lot more.
How to use a Local PostgreSQL Database with Prisma by Ben Awad
Ben Awad is known for his awesome video tutorials on Youtube. In this video, he explores how Prisma works under the hood by setting it up with a Postgres database in a local Docker environment.
GraphQL Schema Delegation by Mikhail Novikov
This lighnting talk from React Europe introcudes the idea of GraphQL schema delegation. Special gem: The talk is given by Mikhail Novikov who is the author of the schema delegation functionality in the graphql-tools library.
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