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Issue 98

🇪🇺 GraphQL Europe 2018: The GraphQL community comes together in Berlin
GraphQL Europe is happening in exactly one week! In this article, the Prisma team who is organizing the event is reflecting on their previous GraphQL conferences and gives an outlook to the GraphQL EU 2018. This is the last chance to get your ticket - don't forget to use the 25% discount code for GraphQL Weekly readers: gql-weekly
Videos & Talks
Advanced GraphQL Tutorial Series
The "Advanced GraphQL" video series has been published on Youtube. Enjoy a total of 39 hands-on tutorial videos by Scott Moss and learn about various aspects of GraphQL development, such as data loaders, testing, schema stitching and database access.
Demystifying GraphQL
This talk by Adam Engebretson is a fantastic introduction to GraphQL, including a live-demo using Go. A must-see for GraphQL newcomers and veterans!
Articles & Tutorials
Getting Started with Yoga and Prisma for Building GraphQL Servers
This beginner-friendly tutorial by Chris Nwamba gives a thorough introduction to building a GraphQL server with the graphql-yoga library and Prisma as the data access layer.
GraphQL Schema Design: Building Evolvable Schemas – Apollo GraphQL
Marc-André Giroux is working on the ecosystem API team at GitHub. He has written multiple articles about GraphQL schema design. In this article, he does a deep-dive into schema evolution.
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