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Articles & Videos
Next.js + React + GraphQL Video Tutorial
This is an incredibly helpful tutorial that sets you up with a React application using Next.js and Graphcool. Following along, you can quickly setup a working university catalog app with GraphQL. The source code is available on Github. We really have to say, great job by @alexedev!
GraphQL IDL - Schema Definition Language
An informative article about the GraphQL Schema Definition also referred to as IDL. IDL is the most concise way to specify a GraphQL schema and it already powers great tools like GraphiQL. It's high time to learn more about it!
Open Source
Fake it 'til you make it! That's what the @APIs_gurus must have thought when coming up with this project. But the real kicker is that you can extend an existing API with mock data. Time to add some imaginary followers to your GitHub account with this amazing tool!
Open Sourcing Lacinia for Clojure
WalmartLabs announces the release of Lacinia, a GraphQL implementation for Clojure. The article is an interesting read on the learnings they gained over the last year of using GraphQL in production and how they could solve their problems regarding API evolution and quick development. Welcome to the GraphQL community!
GraphQL Training in San Francisco
Another training session by the guys over @okgrow coming in. This is your chance for a full day of GraphQL joy where you will learn all the tricks and secrets behind GraphQL. Make sure to grab your early bird ticket until March 31st and join in on the fun!
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