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Articles & Videos
Relay vs Apollo - Comparing GraphQL Clients for React applications
It's hard to know about all the similarities and differences of Relay and Apollo, as both GraphQL clients come with their own set of great features. Luckily, the guys @graphcool got us covered and share their great insights to help with choosing the right tool for your next project. Highly recommended resource!
Graphcool Webinar: Building a Booking System with GraphQL
Watch this webinar where different trade offs for modeling the data of a booking system are being discussed. The types and fields are then created using the neat UI editor of Graphcool. As an additional treat, there's a demo that showcases how easy it is to add custom business workflows using Graphcool mutation callbacks. Super cool!
Open Source
Apollo Client 1.0: A flexible, community-focused JavaScript GraphQL client
Version 1 of Apollo Client enters the scene, something that a lot of people have waited for so eaglery. Pink Panther is the name of this beautiful beast and we couldn't be happier! A big shoutout to the team @apollographql and the 450 contributors of the open source GraphQL community. You guys rock!
facebook/relay - v1.0.0-alpha.1
The first public alpha release of Modern Relay (formerly known as Relay 2) is here! Now is the perfect time to upgrade your apps if you want to help out the Relay team with your feedback. Details about the architecture and concepts behind Modern Relay can be found in the updated documentation on GitHub. Together with the updates to Apollo, it's great to see the developments in the GraphQL open source community as a whole. Thanks to everyone involved!
Using GraphQL Subscriptions with Apollo at GraphQL London
In this talk, @_schickling takes a deep dive into GraphQL subscriptions and how to use them in real-world applications using Apollo Client today. The talk covers the concepts behind GraphQL subscriptions but also includes a practical demo that gives you a good understanding of when and when not to use GraphQL subscriptions. We're excited for further explorations of realtime capabilities of GraphQL in the future!
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