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Issue 50

Articles & Videos
GraphQL Radio: Developer Tools with Danielle Man
Join @AbhiAiyer and @_schickling as they welcome @danimman for the first episode of GraphQL Radio to listen to her insights on all there is to learn about GraphQL tooling. If you want to find out Danielle's perspective on topics like GraphQL First development, Apollo Optics and possibles changes to GraphQL, make sure to check it out!
Freecom Tutorial: Realtime Updates with GraphQL Subscriptions
In the third chapter of the Freecom tutorial series you learn everything about getting realtime functionality with GraphQL! Start using GraphQL subscriptions in your app with Apollo Client and its websocket capabilities and stay on top of all data changes. It really can be that easy!
Open Source
Relay Modern: Simpler, faster, more extensible
Relay Modern is here! Being launched at the F8 conference, the client rework comes with exciting new features. After many requests from the community to improve mutations, they have been significantly improved in terms of usability, performance and control. Many more improvements have been made as well. We coulnd't be more excited about this and encourage everyone to try it out!
Exploring Relay Modern
This week's all about Relay Modern! Read @stubailo's summary on what it is and what it's trying to solve, what changes it brings to the table compared to Relay Classic and how to try out Relay Modern with a sample app right now. If you're interested in learning more about the new release of Facebook's GraphQL client, this is a highly recommended read!
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