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Articles & Videos
Fireside Chat: GraphQL Architecture at Ticketmaster
Listen as Tom Bray talks about the benefits and challenges Ticketmaster faced when adopting GraphQL. What he shares about going from proof of concepts to GraphQL in production, GraphQL affecting workflows of several autonomous teams and more is very insightful, so take a look!
Flexibility And Control With GraphQL Variables
Learn how to effectively use GraphQL variables to make your GraphQL queries and mutations dynamic and more flexible. Using GraphQL variables has several benefits and is also super useful in combination with the GraphQL directives skip and include.
Getting Started With GraphQL in Angular with Apollo
It's easy to get started quickly with GraphQL on Angular using Apollo Client. Follow this guide to learn how to run your first GraphQL query and mutation with apollo-angular in Angular 4.
Open Source
One GraphQL client for JavaScript, iOS, and Android
This article explains how Apollo will improve cross-platform development by means of a uniform client architecture with a standardized API for reading and writing data. This also paves the way for compatibility with technologies like Realm or MobX. Super exciting stuff!
Introducing the Apollo Android GraphQL client
The first version of Apollo Android ready for public consumption is finally here. It comes with type safe code generation, caching and optionals. Thanks to the amazing contributors from companies such as The New York Times, Airbnb and Shopify for putting this together!
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