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Issue 60

Life of a GraphQL Query - Lexing/Parsing
If you've ever wondered about the detailed anatomy of GraphQL queries and mutations, this post by Christian Joudrey is for you! It covers the the lexical analysis and parsing process of a GraphQL query and explains in a very instructive manner how to get from the original GraphQL query to its AST-representation.
Compiled GraphQL as a DB Query Language
The awesome engineering team at Kensho had the great idea to hide the complexity of DB access behind a nice and expressive GraphQL API. They open-sourced the compiler that they're using to achieve this, you can find the code for it on GitHub. Using GraphQL in this context is highly unusual and speaks to the vast space of opportunities and use cases of GraphQL that are yet to be discovered!
Sharing data in a Microservices Architecture using GraphQL
Bruno Suares with a nice article about how GraphQL can act as an integration layer ("API gateway") for existing microservices. A great and informative read!
Resources & Community
How to GraphQL - The Fullstack Tutorial for GraphQL
How to GraphQL is a new and holistic tutorial website that is the perfect entry point for every developer who wants to get started with GraphQL. The first part will walk you through some GraphQL Fundamentals. After that, you can choose to either dive deeper into specific topics or start with a hands-on tutorial using the programming language and framework of your choice.
Find & Watch the Best GraphQL Talks
A collection of the best and most relevant GraphQL talks that are given at conferences and Meetups. The most recent addition: All videos from GraphQL Europe 🇪🇺
Tools & Open Source
Admin on REST for GraphQL
Admin on REST (aor) comes to GraphQL! This repository contains the code for an implementation of aor for GraphQL. The goal is to create a generic and reusable admin panel that you can use to to manage your GraphQL APIs.
Apollo Server 1.0 — A GraphQL Server for all Node.js frameworks
Apollo launched their 1.0 version of Apollo Server. Congratulations to the whole team and all contributors 🎉
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