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Issue 61

Community & News
GraphCMS Brings GraphQL to Headless Content Management
The GraphCMS team has officially announced the launch of their product. GraphCMS is the first headless content management system that fully utilizes the power of GraphQL.
It enables developers to build powerful content APIs in a matter of minutes, while it gives content editors all the tools they need to manage their content. The hosted content APIs can then be easily consumed by websites, apps or any other platform or partner. The founders describe their product as content microservice, as it fits in any tool chain dealing with content.
Tools & Open Source
New Tooling to Improve GraphQL Workflows
Together with the GraphQL team at Facebook and many other collaborators from the GraphQL community, the guys from Graphcool have worked out a unified standard to write configuration files in projects using GraphQL: graphql-config. Along with this standard, they're also releasing the beta version of the graphql-cli and thus laying the foundation to greatly enhance developer experience and improve interoperability of different tools in the future.
Apollo Link: The modular GraphQL network stack
Apollo Client uses a NetworkInterface as an abstraction for the outgoing connections to the server. They're now breaking up this core component and provide a new primitive that allows for a more modular composition of required functionality: apollo-link. Read this announcement blog post to learn how you can try it out today!
Articles & Tutorials
Subscriptions & Pagination with Relay Modern
Two new chapters have been added to the React & Relay tutorial on How to GraphQL. The first one teaches you how to implement realtime updates in your app using GraphQL Subscriptions, the second one explains the use of Relay's PaginationContain API to implement pagination. Set aside an hour of time over the weekend and give it a try!
REST APIs are REST-in-Peace APIs
This in-depth article by Samer Buna provides a great comparison of REST and GraphQL. It's the kind of content you want to show to your manager and coworkers to convince them to give GraphQL a shot in your next project!
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