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Issue 62

Build a Rotten Tomatoes Clone with GraphQL and Auth0
This detailled step-by-step tutorial by Prosper Otemuyiwa takes you through the process of building a clone for the popular Rotten Tomatoes website. The focus is on understanding how you can implement authentication to protect your data with Auth0 and Graphcool.
Offline GraphQL Queries with Redux Offline and Apollo
The first of two articles by Pete Corey, discussing how to implement a solution for offline data storage with Redux and Apollo. This part discusses offline querying, the next one will deal with mutations.
Using Akka HTTP with Sangria as GraphQL backend | Scalac
Scala developers watch out - this one is for you! Mariusz Nosiński explains how to combine Akka HTTP with the popular Scala GraphQL implementation Sangria to build a fully-fledged GraphQL backend.
Videos & Talks
Adopting GraphQL at Twitter by Tom Ashworth (Video)
The last GraphQL London had an awesome talk by Tom Ashworth about the process of adopting GraphQL at Twitter. 40 minutes well worth your time!
First steps with Graphcool’s graphql command line tools
In this article, Michael Hunger from Neo4j gives a nice and practical overview of the capabilities of the new graphql-cli - the perfect entry-point if you want to learn what this new tool is all about.
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