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Issue 63

GraphQL @ React Native Radio (Podcast)
Last week's React Native Radio episode features Nikolas Burk from Graphcool to explain GraphQL to React Native developers. Give it a listen - 40 min of interesting conversation around GraphQL and the React ecosystem.
This Week in GraphQL
Want to keep up with everything that's going on in the GraphQL community? Michael Hunger announced this new website on Twitter. "This Week in GraphQL" provides an overview of all GraphQL related things happening on Twitter, GitHub, Meetup and Stackoverflow. Powered by the GraphQL Community Graph.
First GraphQL NYC Meetup Next Week
Only six days to go until the first GraphQL NYC Meetup. Talks are given by Sashko Stubailo and James Baxley from the Apollo team. RSVP now if you're in the area!
Articles & Announcements
Summer Interns at Apollo
Shoutout to the summer interns at Apollo: Ramya, Shadaj and Evans for their awesome work. If you want to read about what they've been working on, check out the latest posts on teh Apollo blog. Shadaj wrote about using Scala.js with React & GraphQL, Evans described his work on Apollo Link and Ramya shows off the Apollo dev tools.
Explain GraphQL like I'm five.
This thread provides some interesting approaches to explaining GraphQL in simple terms. Imagine you're a student in a cafeteria and ask for the food - how does this apply to GraphQL and REST?
Learn GraphQL with GitHub
GitHub was one of the first companies adopting GraphQL. Now they're starting to share their knowledge and experiences with new materials: A webcast that explains how to migrate from REST to GraphQL as well as a new chapter in their on demand training courses providing an introduction to GraphQL for beginners! Everything available today!
Tools & Open Source
One of the first plugins for the brand new graphql-cli by Robin Ricard deals with code generation. Use it to convert your GraphQL types to flow or any other language.
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