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Community & Open Source
GraphQL Boilerplates & `graphql create`: How to Setup a GraphQL Project
GraphQL boilerplates provide flexible starter kits for your GraphQL apps, no matter if backend-only or fullstack. This article explains the idea behind GraphQL boilerplates and includes a call for contributors - a great opportunity if you've been thinking about getting involved in open source development!
GraphQL Working Group Meeting
The official GraphQL working group is coming together regularly to discuss the future of the GraphQL specification and its related tools. A few topics that were covered in this week's meeting were graphql-import, next steps for "GraphQL over HTTP" spec, SDL syntax for custom scalars, live queries, and more. The GraphQL working group meetings are open to everyone (note however that attendees should be relevant to the agenda and should have something to contribute during the meeting).
A GraphQL Primer: The Evolution Of API Design (Part 2)
Eric Baer with part 2 of his smashing article series about GraphQL - a must-read! The article received lots of love on Twitter, particularly by GraphQL co-creators Lee Byron and Nick Schrock: "Eric really gets what we were trying to do." (Nick); "Yeah, nailed it, Eric! Excellent write up." (Lee).
A new GraphQL client for React is hitting the stage! Created by Ken Wheeler himself, urql aims to provide a simple API for using GraphQL together with React. It comes with additional features like render props and uses a different caching mechanism than Apollo Client and Relay.
Improved Apollo Client Devtools
The Apollo Dev Tools are a must-have when working with Apollo Client. They allow to inspect your cache or run queries and mutations using graphiql at runtime of your application. In this post, James Baxley from the Apollo team explains the recent improvements and new features that have been added to the latest version of the Dev Tools.
It is great to see that more language communities other than JavaScript are starting to adopt GraphQL and expand the tooling space. GQL is a set of Groovy DSLs and AST transformations built on top of GraphQL-java to make it easier building GraphQL schemas and execute GraphQL queries without losing type safety.
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