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Issue 84

Demystifying the `info` Argument in GraphQL Resolvers
Ever wondered what the info object that gets passed into your GraphQL resolvers is actually used for? This article has the answer - a deep dive into the technicalities of the GraphQL query resolution process!
A Look At GraphQL Clients For React Apps
GraphQL clients are used on the frontend to improve the workflows for querying and mutating data against a GraphQL API. In this article, William Lyon compares two popular GraphQL clients for React: Apollo and urql.
Prisma Cloud Preview (invite-only)
This week, the Prisma team announced Prisma Cloud - an easy way for using Prisma in production without worrying about infrastructure management and complicated DevOps workflows. You can apply for the invite-only preview of Prisma Cloud today.
React Native & GraphQL Tutorial (Video series)
Ben Awad has created a fullstack tutorial video series, explaining how to build a fully-featured eCommerce app with React Native and GraphQL. Watching the videos is a magnificent learning experience for beginners as well as for more advanced GraphQL developers!
A tasty introduction to GraphQL (17 min)
Metaphors are one of the most helpful tools for understanding abstract, technical concepts. In this video, Gregor Martynus gives an excellent introduction to GraphQL using the metaphor of a buffet restaurant.
JAMstack Radio with Co-Founders of Graphcool / Prisma (Podcast)
In this episode of the JAMStack Radio podcast, the guests are Johannes Schickling and Søren Bramer Schmidt, co-founders of Graphcool/Prisma. They discuss the evolution of GraphQL, the communities that surround it and its use in production.
GraphQL NYC Meetup
The biggest GraphQL Meetups in the US (NYC and San Francisco) are back with their first events in 2018. The east coast has two great talks lined up: "Introduction to Urql, a new JS GraphQL client" (by Kurtis Kemple) and "Efficiently exposing REST APIs with GraphQL and Flow" (by Jimmy Jia).
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