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Issue 85

How to build a GraphQL Server with `graphql-yoga`
graphql-yoga is a GraphQL server library that provides a simple and clean API. In this instructive tutorial, you'll learn how to use it to build a GraphQL server from scratch. Along the way, different concepts are covered like defining and implementing a GraphQL schema, using GraphQL bindings (schema stitching), graphlq-config and a lot more.
Handling errors in GraphQL
Error handling still is a commonly discussed issue in the GraphQL community and best practices are yet to emerge. André König presents a consistent and robust approach to error handling based on apollo-errors.
Five Common Problems in GraphQL Apps (And How to Fix Them)
Sacha Greif shares his experiences from building VulcanJS with a detailled article about several issues you're hitting when building applications with GraphQL. Spoiler, the 5 problem are: Schema duplication, Server/client data mismatch, Superfluous database calls, Poor performance and Boilerplate overdose.
Prisma — Deep Dive
A great article by Divyendu Singh, explaining the various aspects and features of Prisma. Check it out if you want to learn what this new tool can be used for and what role it plays in your architecture.
Reducing GraphQL response size by… a lot
In this post, Gajus Kuizinas explains how you can reduce the response sizes for your queries using a tool called graphql-deduplicator. A great read for everyone who is building GraphQL servers!
Intro to Urql (Youtube, 35 min)
urql is a new GraphQL client for React. At the most recent NYC GraphQL Meetup, Kurt Kemple gave a presentation about it. 35 min well worth your time!
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